To lead in today’s rapidly evolving global business environment, companies need to accelerate their product innovation lifecycle and maximize the efficiency across the entire product lifecycle from new product idea through production and retirement. At Rapidflow, our goal is to educate clients about PLM and MDM, help them with PLM and MDM strategy and finally execution of the strategy.

Rapidflow PLM Expertise, Oracle Technical Knowledge and Deep-Domain Experience has Helped the Clients in Managing

  • Product Information
  • Processes at every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Cross-functional Collaboration to drive efficiency and minimize wastage
  • Integration/Synchronization with ERP, Legacy and other platforms/system

Specialized Services

  • Demantra Engine Tuning
  • Oracle ASCP Collections and Plan Performance Tuning
  • Exadata and Super Cluster
  • Infrastructure Services

Our PLM and MDM Expertise Enables Clients to Maximize on the Following Benefits out of Oracle PLM Implementation in a Reduced Timeframe

  • Accelerate product innovation and drive profitability by maximizing the collaboration
  • Consistent quality products with reduced time to market
  • Reduce the product development cost
  • Better collaboration around processes during the entire product lifecycle leading to higher organization productivity
  • Quicker issue resolution and elimination of costly product recalls
  • Better control over strategic product direction
  • Real assessment of product strength and weaknesses and better understanding of product key differentiators
  • Product data quality compliance and governance
  • Profit and top line revenue growth

We have a Proven Track Record in Oracle Agile PLM and MDM Space Covers the Following Aspects

  • Oracle Agile Product Collaboration
  • Oracle Agile Product Portfolio Management
  • Oracle Agile Product Governance & Compliance
  • Oracle Agile Product Quality Management
  • Oracle Agile Product Cost Management
  • Oracle Product Information Management – PIM Data Hub
  • BI
  • Hyperion

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